Economic indicators

This section provides summarized information on contributions on an accruals basis to the most important economic stakeholders as a basis to drive economic growth. For a full understanding of each of these indicators, see the specific financial statements and notes in this report.

Distribution of direct economic benefits
in millions of euros
Suppliers: goods and services
Employees: salaries and wages
Shareholders: distribution from retained earnings
Government: corporate income taxes
Capital providers: net interest

Total purchased goods and services amounted to EUR 13.6 billion, representing 58% of total revenues of the Philips Group. Of this amount, 70% was spent with global suppliers, the remainder with local suppliers. Compared to 2012, spending decreased significantly mainly as a result of Bill of Material savings.

In 2013, the salaries and wages totaled EUR 4.98 billion. This amount is some EUR 500 million lower than in 2012, caused by a reduction in headcount and lower restructuring costs. See note (3) Income from operations for more information.

Dividend distributed to shareholders amounted to EUR 678 million, comparable to 2012.

Income taxes amounted to EUR 466 million, compared to EUR 185 million in 2012. The effective income tax rate was 28.1%, compared to 58.0% in 2012. Excluding the non-tax-deductible European Commission fine and charges related to various legal matters in 2012, the effective tax rate in 2012 was 25.5%. The 2.6 percentage points increase in 2013 was mainly related to a higher weighted average statutory income tax rate in 2013 due to a change in the country mix of profit and loss, which was partly offset by lower valuation allowances.

For a further understanding, see note (5) Income taxes.

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