Report of the Corporate Governance and Nomination & Selection Committee

The Corporate Governance and Nomination & Selection Committee is chaired by Jeroen van der Veer and its other members are James Schiro and Christine Poon.

The Committee is responsible for the review of selection criteria and appointment procedures for the Board of Management, the Executive Committee, as well as the Supervisory Board.

In 2013, the Committee consulted with the CEO and other members of the Board of Management on the appointment or reappointment of candidates to fill current and future vacancies on the Board of Management, Executive Committee and Supervisory Board. Following which it prepared decisions and advised the Supervisory Board on the candidates for appointment.

The Committee devoted specific attention to identifying a suitable candidate matching the profile of the Supervisory Board. Subsequently, the Nomination & Selection Committee reviewed and approved the nomination of Orit Gadiesh as member of the Supervisory Board, who was selected from a shortlist of suitable candidates. The Committee also devoted specific attention to succession planning for Executive Committee members.

As indicated in its report above, the Supervisory Board believes it is making good progress in implementing a policy of gender diversity. The Committee strives to continue this trend and give appropriate weight to the diversity policy in the nomination and appointment process on future vacancies, while taking into account the overall profile and selection criteria for appointments of suitable candidates to the Board of Management, Executive Committee and Supervisory Board.

Under its responsibility for the selection criteria and appointment procedures for Philips’ senior management, the Committee reviewed the succession plans for top 70 positions and emergency candidates for key roles in the company.

With respect to corporate governance matters, the Committee discussed relevant developments and legislative changes. The Committee notes a number of important legislative changes to Dutch corporate law came into effect in 2013 and 2014. In addition there were changes to Dutch accountancy law, new rules on inquiry proceedings and an amendment to the European Transparency Directive. These legislative developments and other developments were discussed by the Committee, as well as their potential impact on the company’s governance. Finally, the Committee discussed possible agenda items for the upcoming 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

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