Social Investment Programs

In 2013, we continued to develop and localize our global social investment program, SimplyHealthy@Schools. In Brazil, 230 employees from Philips offices and factories registered to volunteer in Fal@ndo em Bem-Estar, the local adaptation of SimplyHealthy@Schools. The program aims to empower kids from 8 to 12 to change their habits, health and environment and educates teenagers about safe sex and sexual transferable diseases prevention, a critical national issue.

Philips Brazil also rolled-out a new initiative in 2013 with an important Healthcare partner, Fleury. Based on the same topics and questions explored in our Fal@ndo em Bem-Estar, the project consists of a giant interactive board game, developed to be used in schools throughout the entire country by Fleury and Philips employees.

In North America, the Philips Cares program provides ways for employees to work together to improve people’s lives by creating healthy, sustainable communities that contribute to the success and well-being of future generations. This can take many forms: from helping a child to excel in math, to providing safety and energy efficient home improvements to the disadvantaged, to raising awareness about the importance of cardiac health. In 2013 alone, more than 5,000 employees participated in volunteer opportunities that suited their needs, schedules, and passions in partnerships with organizations such as American heart Association, March of Dimes, and Rebuilding Together.

At the end of 2012 we signed a three year partnership agreement with the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) to support their WorldCoaches program by installing more than 100 solar lighting ‘Light Centers’ in rural communities throughout Africa and South America. Working together with local communities and the KNVB, the Light Centers will provide safe and functional space for sports and other community activities after dark.

Throughout 2014, Philips will roll out a new three pillar social investment strategy, comprising of a disaster relief program, a local community investment program and a signature social innovation program. The main focus will be on access to healthcare, access to light and healthy futures.

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