Employee engagement

Employee engagement is key to our competitive performance. Engaged employees help us meet our business goals and help make Philips a great place to work. We have used employee engagement surveys for over a decade to gather feedback and focus areas and have seen tangible results along our journey.

1) Based on 60 pulse surveys conducted in 2012

In 2012, we announced our intention to move from an annual measurement of Employee Engagement Survey data to a bi-annual basis in order to allow more time for teams to analyze results and implement improvement actions. We also used this as an opportunity to review the way we approach engagement, with the aim of improving the link between the high levels of employee engagement that we achieve and improved business results.

In 2013 we applied a more contemporary model relevant for the next steps in our journey. While our employee survey using the refreshed methodology is not directly comparable to our historical metric, we see that 75% of our employees provided a favorable response to our new engagement index, 3 points above the external high-performing benchmark. This is a very encouraging result; especially given the speed and scale of our current transformation.

The survey results indicate the following areas as strengths:

  • Clarity of strategic direction provided by senior leadership
  • Adopting good ideas from all over the company
  • Making good use of skills and abilities
  • Providing opportunities for employees to grow and develop
  • Senior leaders’ belief in the future of Philips

There are also improvement areas:

  • Making the changes necessary to compete effectively and applying these changes in a consistent manner
  • Ability as an organization to fix problems so they don’t happen again
  • Senior leaders have to do more to ensure we drive collaboration, execution and improvement across organizational boundaries
  • Focus on customers must continue to strengthen
  • Need to create a diverse workforce and inclusive culture where people of all backgrounds can succeed in Philips

Engagement is now an integral part of how we build our culture and is an ingredient in a broader portfolio of initiatives and measurement tools. For example, in our end-to-end transformations, we use surveys to ensure forward progress while creating opportunities for team dialogues. We will use shorter, targeted surveys and dialogue platforms to maintain focus on key areas until the next full-census employee survey in 2015.

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