Cash and cash equivalents

In 2013, cash and cash equivalents decreased by EUR 1,369 million to EUR 2,465 million at year-end. The decrease was mainly attributable to an outflow on net capital expenditures of EUR 966 million, cash outflows for treasury share transactions of EUR 562 million, cash dividend payout of EUR 272 million, EUR 407 million from decreases in debt and a EUR 206 million outflow related to discontinued operations. This was partly offset by a EUR 1,138 million inflow from operations.

In 2012, cash and cash equivalents increased by EUR 687 million to EUR 3,834 million at year-end. The increase was mainly attributable to cash inflows from operations amounting to EUR 2,082 million and EUR 730 million from increases in debt. This was partly offset by a EUR 768 million outflow for treasury share transactions, an outflow on net capital expenditures of EUR 455 million, a EUR 428 million outflow for acquisitions of businesses and financial assets, a EUR 255 million outflow for the cash dividend payout, and a EUR 126 million outflow related to discontinued operations.

1) Includes proceeds from divestment of Profile Pharma and Raytel Cardiac
2) Please refer to Reconciliation of non-GAAP information
3) Includes cash flow for derivatives and currency effect
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