Acquisitions and divestments


In 2013, there were four minor acquisitions. Acquisitions in 2013 and previous years led to post-merger integration charges totaling EUR 16 million in 2013: Healthcare EUR 6 million, Consumer Lifestyle EUR 4 million, and Lighting EUR 6 million.

In 2012, Philips completed the acquisition of Indal within Lighting. Acquisitions in 2012 and previous years led to post-merger integration charges totaling EUR 50 million in 2012: Healthcare EUR 18 million, Consumer Lifestyle EUR 18 million, and Lighting EUR 14 million.

In 2011, we completed six acquisitions. Healthcare acquisitions included Sectra, AllParts Medical and Dameca. Within Consumer Lifestyle, Philips completed the acquisition of Preethi and Povos. Within Lighting, Philips acquired Optimum Lighting. Acquisitions in 2011 and previous years led to post-merger integration charges totaling EUR 74 million in 2011: Healthcare EUR 17 million, Consumer Lifestyle EUR 45 million, and Lighting EUR 12 million.


During 2013, Philips completed several divestments of business activities, mainly related to certain Healthcare activities.

During 2012, Philips completed several divestments of business activities, namely the Television business (for further information see note (7) Discontinued operations and other assets classified as held for sale), certain Lighting manufacturing activities, Speech Processing activities and certain Healthcare service activities. The Speech Processing activities were sold to Invest AG, in line with our strategy.

In 2012, Philips agreed to extend its partnership with Sara Lee Corp (Sara Lee) to drive growth in the global coffee market. Under a new exclusive partnership framework, which will run through to 2020, Philips will be the exclusive Senseo consumer appliance manufacturer and distributor for the duration of the agreement. As part of the agreement, Philips divested its 50% ownership right in the Senseo trademark to Sara Lee.

In 2011, Philips completed several divestments, of which Assembléon was the most significant. Philips sold 80% of the shares in Assembléon to H2 Equity Partners, an Amsterdam-based private equity firm, for a consideration of EUR 14 million.

For details, please refer to note (9) Acquisitions and divestments.

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